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Friday, April 7, 2017


Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott image
from Hallmark Channel Movie "All of My Heart"

On Hallmark Channel's Morning Talk Show, Home & Family, Lacey Chabert announced for the First Time (April 7, 2017) - that due to viewer feedback and overwhelming response, there will be a Sequel to ALL OF MY HEART - starring Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott!

Lacey was on Home & Family to promote her new Spring Fling Hallmark Channel movie - premiering this weekend - "Moonlight in Vermont!"

Lacey Chabert (center) with Hosts on Home & Family - April 7, 2017
image: Hallmark Crown Media

We don't know, yet, when this will air, but Brennan Elliott revealed via video on Twitter (Watch Below!) - that All the Cast & Crew would be Returning! Ed Asner also starred in the original movie as the friendly man who sat outside of the local market and eventually came to know Brian (Brennan Elliott) and Jenny (Lacey Chabert), as they made trips into town to pick up items for the B&B they were fixing up together!!!

Brennan Elliott, Ed Asner, and Lacey Chabert
image: Hallmark Crown Media

This is such exciting news for all fans of this Hallmark movie! There was a great effort on Social Media to bring Lacey and Brennan back for this sequel and I'm so happy to see it worked!!! Yay! Hallmark is the best at listening to their viewers and we truly appreciate that! (Congrats to @AllOfMyHeartTV on Twitter!)

"All of My Heart" was so well loved... it also won the "It's a Wonderful Movie - Favorite Family TV Movie" for 2015 over many other great movies - "A Country Wedding," "Coat of Many Colors," "Surprised by Love," and "When Calls the Heart: New Year’s Wish." (see here!)

Brennan Elliott's Twitter Video Message:

image: Hallmark Crown Media

Plus, see these upcoming Showtimes on the Hallmark Channel:

Saturday April 8 5:00 PM
Saturday May 6 9:00 PM
Sunday May 28 3:00 PM

MY *Quick* Take...

All I can say is... YES! YES! YES! I am so excited to see where this new chapter will take Jenny and Brian (perhaps a wedding!) - and all the local townspeople in "All of My Heart 2!"

Congrats to LACEY CHABERT, BRENNAN ELLIOTT, and ALL the Cast & Crew!!!

UPDATE: A commercial during the airing of the original "All of My Heart" (on Saturday April 8, 2017) announced the "All of My Heart" sequel is coming this FALL!!!


  1. Brian & Jenny's Wedding Day & Reception, Honeymoon, & have children

  2. This so awesome! I can't wait!I think Tommy and Casey should get together. Of course Jenny and Brian need to get married!

  3. This movie could be June Wedding, isn't it?

    1. It may be too soon for Hallmark's "June Weddings" this year... however, it could be made for "Summer Nights," "Fall Harvest," or even "Countdown to Christmas!" I thought it was rather interesting Lacey's interview took place on the set of Home & Family's "Christmas Corner" and they began the segment talking about Lacey's NINE Hallmark Movies, specifically her Christmas Movies!!! So, who knows!!!

      "All of My Heart" Sequel...

      There was a commercial during the airing of the original "All of My Heart" (on Saturday April 8, 2017) and in that promo Hallmark announced the new "All of My Heart" sequel is coming this FALL!!! YAY!!! Love this movie so much - and even more every time I see it!!!

  4. I loved All Of My Heart and it was certainly worthy of Net Movie of the year in 2015 - it is one of my top 10 all-time Hallmark movies.

    However personally I don't really see the point of a sequel.

    If it's on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries fair enough but what I expect from the main channel is boy meets girl and then the path to the happy ending.

    As far as I'm concerned the first movie incorporated all this with Brian proposing, Jenny accepting and receiving an engagement ring. They could have made a short epilogue if they wanted to round things off.

    That's just my opinion.

  5. This is so awesome! I can't wait for this! Thanks for reporting this, Net. Totally made my day!

  6. Oh my gosh, Net, what wonderful news!! I loved this movie so much I had to buy the DVD and still watch it every time it's aired!! Now, I'm really looking forward to the sequel..."O Happy Day"!!

  7. I am so excite because I have love every movie that they have appeared in together! Now if they will only fulfill my wish of making The Christmas Card 2!

    1. ALL Hallmark movies need sequals.I live for this channel.

  8. I love this movie.. I watch it over and over. Just last weekend I was on a bus tour and I took this movie with me. It was chosen to be played. Everyone loved it. I hope 2 will be awesome too.

  9. Now, I would like to see a sequel to "Summer Villa." :-)

    1. It's actually Christmas Villa. I haven't heard Christmas Villa is supposed to air last year on Hallmark Channel. Hilarie Burton mentioned Christmas Villa on her instagram.

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, April 11, 2017

      That is not correct. Hilarie is not on Instagram -- at least not under any kind of name that we would all know. There are fan pages devoted to her and they will post updates, but she does not post this kind of info herself. Her co-stars (including Victor Webster) even tease her for not being on social media.

      Where the Christmas Villa rumor actually FIRST popped up was in the comments next to a photo taken during the production of Summer Villa last year. I can't recall whose page the photo appeared on, but a random commenter mentioned something about Christmas Villa.

      I then showed it to Net (from this site) behind the scenes. I linked her to the exact Instagram page where the person randomly mentioned Christmas Villa. Neither Net nor I could tell if he was joking, or if Christmas Villa was an actual thing. It sort of seemed like a joke, so Net left it off of this site for a while. But it was already on my radar and on Net's radar.

      Then, Summer Villa premiered. Right around that same time frame Hilarie Burton apparently attended a "One Tree Hill" panel discussion. An entertainment reporter who was at that event then tweeted that Hilarie mentioned (at the OTH panel) that there was already a plan for a Christmas Villa movie/sequel.

      That's when Net decided to add a blurb about Christmas Villa to her list of the upcoming Christmas movies for 2016 -- because it escalated from being just a random comment made by a random person on Instagram, to something that Hilarie supposedly said at a panel discussion.

      However, the holiday season of 2016 came and went and there was no sequel.

      Someone on Twitter asked Victor Webster (later last year) about a sequel to Summer Villa, and he asked if that person would want a sequel (as though there may have been some hesitation or doubt).

      Victor has since gone on to film Love Blossoms and Love Finds Its Way, but still no sequel to Summer Villa.

      However, Hilarie's husband said in a radio interview last year that his wife does one movie a year (because they have a son, and because her husband is on a major TV series and has to be away from home a lot).

      So.... that would mean that Summer Villa was her one movie for 2016, I guess.

      But... what will be Hilarie's one movie for 2017? Will it be Christmas Villa or something else? Was Christmas Villa ever really a plan, or was it just a suggestion that was misinterpreted as being a plan? Did the entertainment reporter at the One Tree Hill panel misunderstand what Hilarie said about a sequel and assume that it was definite?

      There are so many questions and no one knows what is happening.

  10. I was so happy to hear the news this morning, I was even clapping LOL. Can't wait to see Lacey's movie this weekend, I just love her Hallmark movies.

  11. Such good news.

    I liked this movie so much I've been keeping an eye on the writer Karen Berger. That's the first one she wrote for Hallmark but has followed it up with Love by Chance, a December Bride, and my favorite 2016 Christmas movie (also starring Brennan), Love you like Christmas.

    I hope we get confirmation she's writing this one too. (I think the good Hallmark writers don't get enough praise myself so I'm happy to do some praising here.)

  12. I have watched this it about 20 times or more never get tired of this movie so excited to see the sequel I've recorded all of my heart and will record the sequel ❤️❤️❤️❤️😁

  13. Great news! This is my favorite Hallmark movie...I can't wait to see everyone back together for the sequel! I just love Brennan and Lacey together in movies (All of my Heart, Christmas Melody)

  14. Joyce in CarolinaSaturday, April 08, 2017

    Awesome news! I saw the announcement today too that it will be here this fall! So happy!

  15. I just heard the news about the sequel! I am so excited and can't wait to watch it. It's one of my all time favorites. Hurry up and make it!!!!

  16. I saw the preview during Moonlight in Vermont, which was sucheld a great movie, my favorite Spring Fling movie ever including any movie from 2016. I love Lacey. I love the guy who plays Nate although him and Fiona were not a great couple.

  17. Yes. I love this movie so happy they are bringing a sequel. I also would like to see a second movie of the Christmas Card and the Christmas Secret.

  18. Yes! I'm so glad they are making a sequel of All my Heart. Now if they would also make sequels for The Christmas Card and The Christmas Secret.

  19. Absolutely love this movie and can't wait to see the sequel. Agree with Erin, love Brennan and Lacey in movies together.

  20. Absolutely love this movie and so excited about a sequel. Love Lacey and Brennan in movies together.

  21. I am totally thrilled!!!! I love Hallmark!!! This is the ultimate. Any one who doesn't want a sequel is lacking in the romance dept. Can't wait!!!

  22. This is my favorite hallmark movie ever! Watch it every chance I get. They have such chemistry together - I just hope the "kids" appear as well!

  23. Great news!!!! I hope this isn't the only Hallmark movie sequel! I would love to see more of the happily ever afters. My first request is a sequel to Unleashing Mr Darcy!

  24. Great news!!!! I hope this isn't the only Hallmark movie sequel! I would love to see more of the happily ever afters. My first request is a sequel to Unleashing Mr Darcy!

    1. More sequals to all the Hallmark movies!

  25. I love that there is going to be a sequel to All my heart. Hallmark should do more of them. I would also love to see a sequel to A family for Christmas and A family Thanksgiving also.

  26. Finally! My sister told me she never saw the movie until they repeated it and loved it too! So happy it's going to get a sequel!

    There are so many I hoped for a sequel that will never get one, so this is a nice surprise!


  27. Woo hoo!!!!
    So happy all my heart sequel and a wedding March now how about irresistible blueberry farm sequel. Will be so very happy. Not been on awhile for Christmas will they be doing the sequel to Finding Father Christmas if not that is another one I am hoping for also.

  28. Loved this movie!!! I also fell in love with the farmhouse they used in the movie and hope they will use the same one in the sequel.

  29. I loved this movie and am so glad for a sequel. I hope
    for a sequel to A Royal Winter.

    1. Sherry In California (the real one, not the impostor)Saturday, April 15, 2017

      Net -- ^^^ The above comment ^^^^ about "A Royal Winter" being prime for a sequel, supposedly posted by me, is yet another example of someone posting as me (which happened recently, as you recall). I did NOT make that comment at all. (When have I ever used the term "the bee's knees"? Never.)

      I have also gone on record as saying that "The Christmas Card" is not a personal favorite of mine, so I would never say that I want a sequel to that.

      If I were you, I would not post anything from "me" for a while if you suddenly see something from me appear in the comments -- because it won't actually be me. I'm not going to post under this name, IF I post at all. And if I post under another name, I will be sure to let you know who I am (behind the scenes).

      As I said the last time they did this, it's not cool at all.

    2. I just removed it. So sorry they did that again to you, Sherry. Not sure what the point is in saying something so small and then using your name. I don't get it.

      Could you, possibly, create a free Google Account, and use that for commenting. It's just a thought.

      I 100% agree - that is NOT cool, at all!

      Please do let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

      Blessings on your weekend & Easter, Net

  30. Sherry in California -

    I sure hope that you don't take a break from posting! I love all the additional news and insight you bring to the site. So sorry that someone is posing as you.

    Amy G.

  31. Joyce in CarolinaWednesday, April 19, 2017

    I agree with Amy G.
    Sherry...don't let them win! We need your insight too!

  32. I can't believe they are making another All Of My Heart! Many thanks for sharing this news! I'm OVER THE MOON excited! Sure hope "the kids" return! Katie

  33. When does Hallmark air fall movies?

    1. This will be the 3rd Year for Hallmark Channel's block of "Fall Harvest" movies.

      In the last two years, ALL of the "Fall Harvest" movies have aired in October!

      For the first "Fall Harvest" movie year in 2015, there were 3 movies:
      Autumn Dreams - October 3, 2015
      Harvest Moon - October 10, 2015
      October Kiss - October 17, 2015

      For 2016, there were also 3 "Fall Harvest" movies:
      Love on a Limb - October 1, 2016
      Autumn in the Vineyard - October 8, 2016
      Pumpkin Pie Wars - October 15, 2016

      I just checked the calendar and the First Day of Fall this year is Friday, September 22nd -- so it is possible they may begin this year in late September, depending on how many "Fall" movies Hallmark plans to produce.

      There are 4 Saturdays in October, however that last Saturday is October 28th, and "Countdown to Christmas" on Hallmark begins October 27th!!!

      So..... that leaves us with 2 potential Saturdays in September (after fall begins!) and 3 Saturdays in October!!!

  34. I also can't wait for the sequel to All My Heart. And I do wish Hallmark would do a sequel to The Christmas Card


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